Damn Good Gumbo in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Never did I expect to have one of the best bowls of gumbo I’ve ever had in the middle of the French Quarter (technically Central Business District, but that’s not known worldwide like the French Quarter is).  I am normally very skeptical of eating gumbo from restaurants.  I’ve grown up eating gumbo made by my family so eating it from a restaurant has just never been my thing.  I’ve tried gumbo many times at restaurants but I always end up being disappointed.


So it’s the Monday before Mardi Gras and I’m walking through the French Quarter annoyed and hungry when I come upon Deuce McAllister’s Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap.  I tend to stick away from restaurants owned by athletes, musicians, celebrities, and such.  They always seem to be over hyped and under satisfying, but after fighting for parking and walking down a packed Bourbon St. I was happy to be off the street and sitting down with a beer in front of me.

I would have never chosen to sit down at Ole Saint and eat other than the fact during Christmas time my dad, brother, and I were walking around downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter and he mentioned that he had eaten there and that the food was good.  So as much as I disregard restaurants like Ole Saint with my dad’s approval how could I not try it?

So about this Roasted Chicken & Sausage Gumbo!

image (1)

Never would I have thought that roasted chicken would work well in a gumbo.  I would think that the smokiness of roasting the chicken would overpower the flavors that you normally get in a good gumbo.

It’s really hard to explain it more than that.  It was a dining experience that I will never forget and I one that I hope one that you can experience one day.  I’ll definetely be going back again soon.

I am not saying that Deuce McAllister’s Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap has  the best gumbo out there because let’s face it I haven’t had everyone’s gumbo, but is definitely the best I’ve ever had at a restaurant.  

As always thank you for taking a few moments from your day to read over this and I hope that if you are ever here in new Orleans, LA you will take a walk down Royal St. and Head to Ole Saint Kitchen & Tap.  Feedback on anything that I post is always welcome and appreciated.

Have a blessed day,




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