A Little About Me

Hi,  I would first like to say thank you for taking a few minutes our of your day and spending them on B Good Eats and Treats.

Born and raised in Alabama with family roots that trace back to Louisiana I grew up a good ole Southern boy.  I have since followed my roots back to New Orleans; where I now call home.  Growing up in a Southern Creole family dishes like my Mom’s red beans and rice, my Grandmother’s stewed okra, and my Papa’s drunken chickens were some of my favorite meals.

When I’m not in the middle of an oil refinery where I work as an engineer I can usually be found in my kitchen where I take inspiration from the meals I grew up eating or eating a meal in one of my favorite restaurants here in New Orleans.  As well as dishes I heave eaten at restaurants that have never left his mind.  I take all of these inspirations and through trial and error in the kitchen turn them into my own.

I share my love for food and my journey as a self-taught home chef on Instagram and here at B Good Eats and Treats.



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