Chef’s Recipes

Smothered Chicken Thighs

Smothered chicken is something that we ate in my home growing up at least once every other week.  I didn’t realize until I moved out on my own and started cooking for myself regularly why that was so.   The reason is very clear cut.  It’s cheap and relatively easy to make.

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Cajun Catfish Lettuce Wraps

This recipe comes from a YouTube video I came across a couple years ago which has turned into one of my favorite recipes.  Besides being delicious it’s extremely simple and anyone can make it!  I’ve never seen the recipe posted anywhere online so I have taken it upon myself to type it out and post it here for y’all to enjoy.

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Stuffed Pork Chops

What’s better than meat stuffed with more meat? So why not stuff a pork chop with more pork?  Or venison, which I’ll get into a little further down.

Stuffed pork chops are truly an amazing meal, and they are surprisingly easy to make.  Add brown rice and you have a complete meal.  Why go out and pay someone else to cook your food for you when you can do it yourself?  There’s a sense of pride and joy that comes over me when I cook a restaurant quality meal with my two hands in my kitchen.  It damn near tastes better too.  That may just be in my head, but hey it’s there none the less.

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Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

If I could only pick one dessert to have after a big Christmas or Thanksgiving meal it would be a sweet and warm bread pudding with rum sauce poured over it.  I could eat it any day of the week of course but it is a particular favorite after special meals, such as holidays.

No need to fear the dish is actually relatively simple.

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