Food Is Always On My Mind

Organic – What does it actually mean?

We have all heard the term “organic” in regards to food, so it’s pretty safe to say that almost everyone reading this has bought something organic. The real question at hand is as follows: What are we actually getting when we buy organic food vs. regular food from the grocery store? I aim to answer that question in this post. My curiosity in regards to what we are eating on a daily basis is at an all time high, so please bear with me. To keep this post simple, I am going to focus on organic steak vs. conventional non-organic steak.

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You Are Not What You Eat but What You Eat Eats

Being an Engineer when I first read the statement, “You are not what you eat but what you eat eats”, in Dan Barber’s book “The Third Plate”.  The first thought that came to my mind was something I learned in college, the Conservation of Energy.  I want to start this discussion off with a crash course in physics.  The Conservation of Energy states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it is merely transferred from one form to another.  Applying this concept to the food you eat you it can then be said that your body is not made from what you eat but from what you eat eats.  Expanding this out on a grander scale it can be said that everything that you have eaten, everything that you have eaten has eaten, and everything that you have eaten has eaten has eaten has eaten, and so on makes you who you are.

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