Pistachio Chicken Salad

I could easily (and quite often do) eat chicken salad two or three times a week.  Now it’s very easy for me to go to Whole Foods and grab a thing of chicken salad from their already prepared foods area.  It is very good and I get it on occasion.  Where is the fun in that though when you can make it yourself?  And when you make it yourself you can adjust the ingredients to make it exactly how you like it best.

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Creole Caprese Salad

Caprese salads are one of my favorite things to start my  meal with or just to snack on.  Caprese salads are very simple but very delicious. This is definitely a recipe that anyone and every can make.  The salad consists of only 5 ingredients; mozzarella, fresh basil, tomatoes, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar (this is the only ingredient that has to be cooked)… I know you are wondering ,”But how do those 5 very simple, non Creole, ingredients make a Creole Caprese salad?”  Well it doesn’t unless we spice it up a bit, wait for it……CHICKEN! Mind blowing right? I’ll explain how this surprise ingredient will spice things up a little further down.

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