Shrimp & Grits

There are certain dishes that just scream Southern and Creole.  One of those dishes, as well as one of my favorite dishes, is shrimp and grits.  It just warms the body and the soul.  Feeling cold or down?  Make a quick run to the grocery store pick up the ingredients (listed a little further down) and whip yourself up some shrimp & grits.

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Garlic & Parmesan Fish

Working in an industry where the welfare of so many countless people is reliant in a large part upon me is very stressful at times.  Then when you add in the fact that so much of my work scope is out of my control I ended up pulling up to my house ever day in more disarray a fish as it’s pulled out of water with a hook in its mouth.  So where do I go to get myself back from chaos to order?  Well if you’re reading this I am sure that you know the answer to that but I’ll answer it anyway… My kitchen.

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Cajun Catfish Lettuce Wraps

This recipe comes from a YouTube video I came across a couple years ago which has turned into one of my favorite recipes.  Besides being delicious it’s extremely simple and anyone can make it!  I’ve never seen the recipe posted anywhere online so I have taken it upon myself to type it out and post it here for y’all to enjoy.

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Fish & Grits

One of my favorite thing to eat is shrimp and grits! It screams southern and hardy. It’s the type of meal you eat when you want to feel good all over. I know many people are allergic to shell fish, so i substituted the shrimp with fish. My fish of choice is red snapper, which is a personal preference but any white fish will do.

I have chosen to use red snapper for this recipe purely do to personal preference but any white fish (i.e. catfish, tilapia, etc.) can be substituted if you prefer.

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Blackened Fish with Shrimp Creole over Zucchini Noodles

OK, time to get into something just a tad more advanced! Instead of using just one pot, we are going to work our way to two. Timing is everything with this dish, so let’s turn the heat up and get it started. This dish has to be one of the better meals I have made for myself, plus it’s a sure way to catch the ladies! If there is one thing that hold true when it comes to dinner dates and chicks, it’s that chicks love seafood and noodles!

This recipe is a master mix of several recipes in which i adapted to make my own. You can make it as spicy as you like or mild if you want to ensure your date doesn’t run off on you to a not so pleasant place.

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The Goodly Crawfish Etouffe… Almost

Every person should have a signature dish.  Something that they are known for. Something that people constantly ask you to make and never get tired of.  Mine is crawfish étouffeé.

This recipe was passed down to me from my mom. This dish is the type of meal that reminds me of home and refreshes my memory with all of the good times I’ve had with my family while eating it.  However my étouffeé is slightly different from my moms; just as my sisters is slightly different from my moms and mines as well.  We all make it just a touch different and to our liking.

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