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Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

Like most of the recipes that you see on here they are some of my favorite things to cook. Only makes sense or why would I post them on here for y’all to try.  We all have people who we look up to and the original creator of this recipe is definitely s someone that I look up to.  The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummand, is someone wh0 I watch on Food Network all the time.  It’s like she’s talking to me specifically when she is cooking; I mean she really is talking to me directly when she’s in her kitchen.

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The Simply Perfect Steak

Who doesn’t love a good juicy steak?

I’m sure there are those who don’t so this post isn’t for them.  This is for the people who love a thick slab of beef cooked to perfection that runs with juices when you slice into it.

Anyone can go to a fancy steak house and order a beautifully cooked NY strip for $30-$100 depending on the establishment and at times I do enjoy going out and doing just that.  Here’s the thing though!  For some reason it just tastes a bit better when you’ve gone to the grocery store/butcher/meat market and hand picked your steak and then made it your own in your kitchen.  Knowing that what you’re biting into something that was done by your own hands in your kitchen just does something to you.  Or maybe that’s just me.

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