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Shrimp & Grits

There are certain dishes that just scream Southern and Creole.  One of those dishes, as well as one of my favorite dishes, is shrimp and grits.  It just warms the body and the soul.  Feeling cold or down?  Make a quick run to the grocery store pick up the ingredients (listed a little further down) and whip yourself up some shrimp & grits.

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Smothered Chicken Thighs

Smothered chicken is something that we ate in my home growing up at least once every other week.  I didn’t realize until I moved out on my own and started cooking for myself regularly why that was so.   The reason is very clear cut.  It’s cheap and relatively easy to make.

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Apple & Pecan Stuffed Pork Loin

I cooked my first stuffed pork loin about a year ago, and it has now become one of my favorite things to cook.  Something I was at first intimidated by has now become something I can pretty much cook in my sleep.  With a little bit of work you can as well.  As with any recipe I post I want it to to be as simple as I can make it so that anyone can make it in their own home and enjoy it.

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Thee Old Gold

To all of my Alpha Phi Alpha brothers out there this drink is in particular for y’all.  When I was thinking of a name for this drink Thee Old Gold popped into my head and it just felt right.  Running it and a few other names past some of my Alphabama brothers they seemed to like it as well so here we are… The black the black the black and OLD GOLD!

Thee Old Gold is a drink that I came up with after having something very similar served to me on a few occasions.  I’ve never known the exact ratios that different bartenders used when making their version of the drink, but I must say I wasn’t at all disappointed that I had to drink cocktail after cocktail to get it to my liking.

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Garlic & Parmesan Fish

Working in an industry where the welfare of so many countless people is reliant in a large part upon me is very stressful at times.  Then when you add in the fact that so much of my work scope is out of my control I ended up pulling up to my house ever day in more disarray a fish as it’s pulled out of water with a hook in its mouth.  So where do I go to get myself back from chaos to order?  Well if you’re reading this I am sure that you know the answer to that but I’ll answer it anyway… My kitchen.

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Duck Fat Fried Baby Potatoes

Where this recipe came from I really have no idea.  Like many Sunday afternoons after Mass I am walking through Whole Foods doing my grocery shopping; and on one particular Sunday I happened to see a jar of duck fat.  From that I began to think of what could I cook with duck fat and my mind went to a bag of baby potatoes I bought for another meal but didn’t end up using.

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Mixed Berry Bourbon Lemonade

Scrolling Pinterest as I do quite often I came across a whiskey lemonade of course I clicked on it.  There were many other posts on Pinterest of whiskey lemonades; each with it’s own little flavor. So here is mine to add to the collection of recipes on the internet.

I drink a lot of  bourbon and whiskey.  Being from northern Alabama I have been around bourbon and whiskey my entire life.  My childhood home is a mere hour or so away from Lynchburg, TN where Jack Daniels is distilled.  Mind you Jack Daniels is not a bourbon; it’s a whiskey.

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